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General Data Protection Regulations

Who are we?

The administrator of all personal data placed onto Exercise Library Platform is Exercise Library, run by FIT FREAK Elżbieta Przygrodzka, ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 26, 44-102 Gliwice, Poland.
NIP 631 25 17 905; REGON 381215751.

What for are we processing personal data?

Personal data, such as identification data, contact data, all details considering utilization of the Platform, etc., are being processed for:

  • providing a user’s account on our Platform. We proces data since it is indispensible in order to process the contract with Exercise Library, i.e. the contract of providing online services;
  • facilitate utilization of our Platform, basing on the legal interest to improve the service provided to our users;
  • in case when we collect particular data we do need a clear declaration that we are allowed to process it. At each point, all of the data shared to us as a provider of service is given basing on free will of a person but it might be indispensable in order to provide full service;
  • for tax & accountability. We are processing data due to actual & legit law regulations;
  • for the company legitimate interest;
  • for determining, inquirying or defending from claims, taking into consideration the best company & customer interest, & customer’s safety;
  • marketingu bezpośredniego, obejmującego profilowanie (podstawa prawna – art. 6 ust. 1 lit. f RODO);
  • for direct marketing, including profiling;
  • for data analysis & statistics for marketing & satisfaction survey.

As for the profiling we can connect the information gained when You are using our platform, including the information provided during visiting the website as a registered user.

For how long do we store personal data?

Depending on the main purpose & legit basis of data processing, the period of data storage is as follows:

  • for providing our services; until the account will be removed from the platform;
  • for claiming or defending the company interest; until the claims will be overdated or solved;
  • for taxes & accountability; for the period defined according to actual law regulations;
  • for marketing & analysis; until the objection will be turned in.

To whom we may share personal data?

Personal data might be shared to the following:

  • if You are using a registered, paid account: to payment provider;
  • to any public organs in case official law regulations require this kind of information, basis on a clear order given by a public organ.

Your privileges considering data processing

  • access to Your data at any time; including introducing required changes & updates, receiving a copy of the data given to our company, any information on how is the data being processed;
  • right of any necessary correction in personal data provided at any time in case data is invalid, incorrect or overdated for any reason;
  • right to withdraw personal data any time, particularly if:
    1. provided data is no longer required for the purpose it has initially been admitted;
    2. the base to data processing has been withdrawn & there is no additional document which would entitle to processing;
    3. the objection for data processing has been submitted effectively;
    4. personal data have been illegally processed;
    5. personal data have to be deleted due to legal warrancy.
    In all of the above situations data will be removed from the platform unless there i san exception in GDPR policy (e.g. further data processing is required for defending or claiming legal demands);
  • right to restrict data processing at any time, particularly if:
    1. the credibility of personal data given has been undermined (for period adequate to revise all data & take further legal steps);
    2. processing is illegal;
    3. personal data is no longer necessary for platform’s goals;
    4. there have been an objection to data processing, until this objection will be legally addressed by appropriate institution. In this particular case data processing will be restricted to storage unless processing will be indispensible to claim or defend from demands, or to protect personal interest of third party, or when there will appear additional approval to process;
  • right to object against data processing, particularly when it is processed with no legit justification & the objection is determined by a situation. Considering direct marketing & profiling the objection does not need justification. If the objection appears, data is automatically not being processed for marketing purpose.
  • right to cease data to another person, addressing digital processing (e.g. computers, IT), each person has the right to receive personal data that have been shared to us in a structured, common format possible to be read (e.g. on computer, tablet, smartphone). A person may also claim that the Platform shares personal data to another administrator (this must be in written form) if technically possible;
  • right to withdraw the processing agreement at any time. Do remember that this does not affect legal actions which might have been uptaken prior to this withdrawal.
  • right to place a complaint to the supervisory authority if there is any suspicion that data may not be processed legally. Proper supervisory authority is the Director for GDPR politics. Such a complaint should be last mean taken after using mediation directly with the board of Exercise Library.

Is sharing data obligatory?

An agreement on data processing is always voluntary but indispensible to provide a customer with service. Lack of permission for data processing will affect a possibility of access to platform.

How to contact us?

Data administrator may always be contacted via e-mail: exerciselib@gmail.com ; please, submit with subject ‘Data protection’.